It All Start's with the Gut.....

It’s over 2000 years ago that Hippocrates declared ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food’ and yet it seems that it’s only now that we are beginning to realise the truth in this.  Over the past 30 years scientific research into the microbiome, the 100 million microbiota that live on us and in us, has shown the impact that these fauna and flora can have on our physical and psychological wellbeing if they are fed a healthy diet through the foods that we ingest.

Sadly, the nutritional value of many of the foods that we eat has been impaired by the over use of insecticides and pesticides, intensive farming methods stripping the soil of vital nutrients.   Combined with the need to get fresh food into the supermarkets as soon as possible, many fruits and vegetables are harvested before they are ripe and have had time to absorb nutrition at source. Instead they are cold stored and later left to ‘ripen’ on the shelf, away from the natural environment that would support growth.

On top of that there has been an increase in processed foods, the use of sugar in everyday products and an increase in over the counter pharmaceutics and antibiotics which all disrupt the natural balance of the gut bacteria. Many of the growing number of conditions which are becoming more prevalent, such as obesity and diabetes, colon cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, depression, anxiety, autism, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, are being linked to imbalances in gut flora.

My own discovery of the benefits of improved gut health in my everyday life, started two years ago when I was introduced to the Purifykit from Synergy which aims to detox, repair and cleanse the gut tract before flooding it with probiotics and prebiotics over a 21 day period.  Although, I had no obvious symptoms or awareness that there was anything wrong with my gut, having repeated the programme at 6 month intervals for the past two years, I can honestly say that I have never felt better.  I have worked with over 70 people who have embraced a move to improved health and wellbeing with the Purifykit.

Ranjna Gopal was one such person who completed a gut health makeover using the Purifykit as part of a programme produced by Channel 4 into the effect the gut has on our overall health.  See her testimonial to see how she did and look out for the programme “How Well do you Know Your Gut” to be aired on Channel 4 in February 2020.

"So around a month ago I had an opportunity come my way to take part in an experiment to improve my gut health. Apparently my gut issues could be resolved which in turn would lead me to be happier, healthier and just generally a new improved me . As you can imagine I was sceptical but I thought "hey what the hell ,I can't look any worse " So of I went to channel 4 and met the amazing Maddy . I was weighed, measured and had blood tests to check cholesterol and sugar. I truly wanted to cry when I found out I was pre diabetic with high cholesterol. I say "amazing Maddy because she didn't bat an eyelid and said we will get that sorted " I half heartedly agreed but I was down. I began by cutting out processed foods, dairy, sugar, alochol and my nemesis 'Coffee'. Let me explain my relationship with coffee. Coffee was my go to. Feeling stressed =have a coffee, tired =coffee, want to chill = coffee . That first day without coffee was awful. I felt dizzy edgy and my head was pounding. But Maddy had a little trick up her sleeve E9. This magical powder full of vitamins got me through and I loved the taste. So onto phase 2, the shakes . Now these surprised me. I anticipated something tasting rather nasty and I expected to be hungry. So first shock they tasted good!!! Second no hunger pangs. And even better they were packed with protein, essential vitamins, nutrients and pre and pro biotics. By day 12 I started noticing my skin was clearer and my nails were growing. My hair was becoming shiny. It had a bounce to it and it was growing too . Taking the magnesium was helping me sleep and from day 13 I was sold . I was eating more than I'd ever eaten and no it wasn't just boring salads . Asian fish cake lentil curry and fish and sweet potato fries to name a few . Now came the crunch back to the studio to see what, if any effect, this plan had had on my body. Firstly I was no longer pre diabetic !!! Then my cholesterol levels were normal and I'd lost weight . The best part was somehow I'd actually lost 3 inches of my waist !!!!All of this in just 21 days . I can't thank Maddy enough with her recipes and words of encouragement. Yes I have kept it up and am watching what I eat but the biggest change is my confidence . I feel good coffee has gone out of the window and Im so glad I had the opportunity to try such an amazing programme . To anyone thinking about it 'don't think just do'. Side note I'm still losing weight. I feel and apparently look 10 years younger and knowing my health has improved has made me over the moon. Thanks Maddy !